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Biannual Building Maintenance Program

It's an all to familiar story. You've been using your building for the last 5, 10 , maybe even 25 years but you stopped maintaining it. After all, the last thing you want to do is set up a ladder and climb up on the roof. Instead you keep putting it off. "I'll do it next year", but "next year" always stays one year ahead of you. Then one night that big windstorm blows through, you wake up to the sound of loose metal flapping in the wind. By morning 2 or 3 pieces are missing. The maintenance you've been putting off is starting to look like it would've been pretty cheap insurance

Now back track a couple years. Instead of avoiding the maintenance you decide to call Farrow Built and sign up for their biannual maintenance program. We walk you through the steps to keeping your building as dependable as the day it was built. 

Step 1: The first step in the process is the initial inspection and consultation. We meet you onsite to inspect the building, as well as discuss any concerns you may have with its current state. Upon completion of the inspection you receive a detailed report with photos of any problem areas. We will also provide you with a proposal to bring your building back to a point where we can continue to maintain it. This initial consultation and inspection is included as part of the maintenance program. However if you decide not to sign up for the maintenance program the standalone inspection is $500 + GST.

Step 2:  You choose to do what's right for your peace of mind and the longevity of your building. You agree to the proposal to bring the building back to a maintainable state. You also choose one of our biannual maintenance packages.  

Step 3: After choosing one of our package options you either sign up for the monthly subscription or pay yearly to save a small percentage. You are now enrolled in the Farrow Built building maintenance program!

Every spring and fall our technicians visit your building(s) to inspect for things such as loose screws, leaks or damaged trim. Upon completion of the inspection you receive a report detailing exactly what was inspected and what work was done. 





The level of service you choose will determine what items are repaired or replaced free of charge. If there is anything needing repair or replacement beyond what your chosen maintenance package covers we notify you of the issue as well as provide a cost of repair. 

The maintenance program gives you peace of mind, knowing that you won't run into bigger issues in the years to come. Your building lifespan can actually be extended by routine scheduled maintenance. 

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