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A Comprehensive Guide to Post Frame Building Foundations: An In-depth Look at Perma-Column®, Screw P


Understanding the intricacies of post frame building foundations is pivotal to successful construction. In this detailed analysis, we'll scrutinize four prominent foundation materials that significantly impact the sector - the robust Perma-Column®, precision-engineered Screw Piles, adaptable Cast In Place Concrete, and the economical Wood in Ground. This exploration aims to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of these foundation types, along with their benefits and drawbacks.

permacolumn foundations

Perma-Column®: The Resilient Pillars of Strength

In the construction landscape, Perma-Columns® have made a mark with their high-strength concrete structures that resist rot. Their weight could be a potential constraint, and the requirement of footings introduces an additional step in construction. However, these challenges are mitigated by their swift installation and enduring resilience against decay. It's noteworthy, though, that their market availability could limit your access to them.

screw pile foundation

Screw Piles: Precision Engineering for Optimal Stability

The engineered Screw Piles come with commendable advantages such as adaptability with diverse ground types and a life expectancy exceeding a century. Their fast installation time bolsters their position in the foundation choices. However, their sophisticated design and enhanced durability lead to higher costs. Nevertheless, their versatility and longevity make them an attractive proposition for post frame building foundations.

concrete cast in place sono tube foundation

Cast In Place: Adapting to the Terrain

The adaptability of Cast In Place foundations is their hallmark. They form fit the ground providing excellent bearing and resist decay. On the downside, installation is time-intensive and their dependence on a local concrete plant may add a layer of complexity to your construction planning. Yet, their conforming nature to the terrain offers practical advantages that cannot be overlooked in the foundation decision-making process.

pole barn wood in ground foundation

Wood in Ground: Economical and Quick Solution

For those leaning towards economical and quick installation, Wood in Ground foundations are a viable option. Their ready availability and affordability make them an attractive choice for budget-focused projects. However, their limited lifespan due to inevitable decay and the need for footings are challenges to consider. Yet, their cost-effectiveness combined with easy installation makes them a suitable contender for budget-conscious projects.


In summarizing our comprehensive analysis of post frame building foundations, it is evident that Perma-Column®, Screw Piles, Cast In Place, and Wood in Ground each possess unique characteristics, advantages, and challenges.

Perma-Column® offers decay-resistant, high-strength concrete, Screw Piles provide engineered precision and superior durability, Cast In Place impresses with its adaptability, while Wood in Ground stands out for its cost-effectiveness and easy access. These materials have shaped the foundation sector, providing a range of options to suit varying construction requirements and budgets.

When deciding on the appropriate foundation for your shop building, the factors of longevity, adaptability, cost, and availability of Perma-Column®, Screw Piles, Cast In Place, and Wood in Ground should be carefully weighed. Each choice stands poised to support your construction effectively, ensuring the durability and stability of your shop building.

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