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3 Questions Everyone Asks Before They Build a Shop

These are the top three questions we frequently receive about building a shop, garage, or barn.

5 stall horse barn in a field


1. How long does it take to get a permit?

In some areas of BC, you might not need a permit at all, allowing you to start immediately. However, in places where permits are necessary, the timeline can vary. For instance, in Sicamous, we've seen it take as little as two weeks, while in a place like Lake Country, it might extend up to two or three months. On average, expect a three to five-week wait for most projects.

Farrow Built employees putting in a foundation for a new shop


2. What is the estimated timeline for construction?

The construction timeline depends on the project's size. Typically:

Acreage shops: 2-4 months

Smaller garages: Under 2 months

Larger buildings: 5-6 months or more for extensive projects


Farrow Built jobsite where the workers are pre-building the roof on the ground

3. What is the biggest cost in building?

The most significant expense in any construction is labor. This is why steel building kits you see online often seem to be really inexpensive. The materials for a wood building aren't crazy expensive either, but it's the labour that really ads up. The foundation and concrete slabs can add a lot to a building's cost as well.

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