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Building Your Dream Shop? Know These 7 Possible Building Restrictions First!

So, you're thinking about building a new shop on your property? That's an exciting venture! But before you break ground, there are 7 possible building restrictions you'll need to be aware of. In this blog, we'll walk you through the essential things to look into, from permits to property lines, height restrictions to environmental considerations. Let's dive in!

looking at contract requirements with a client

1. Building Permits: First and foremost, check if you need a building permit. Believe it or not, there are areas in BC where you don't need one, so it's essential to look into your specific area's requirements.

2. Property Line Setbacks: Different districts and zoning regulations may require various setbacks from each property line. It could be five meters off the side, two meters off the back, or 10 meters off the front. Make sure to investigate your local guidelines.

rendering of a 30'x50' custom building

3. Height Restrictions: Height restrictions can catch many people off guard. Remember, the maximum height refers to the peak height, not the ceiling height. On a wide building, the peak can be significantly higher than the ceiling, so be sure to check your local restrictions.

4. Square Footage Limitations: Depending on your lot or property size, there may be restrictions on the total square footage of the building. While you can sometimes get a variance permit, it's wise to know the limitations upfront.

a frog

5. Riparian Areas: If your property includes creeks, streams, marshes, or other wet areas, there may be specific setbacks required. Variance permits might allow you to build closer, but understanding these restrictions is crucial.

6. Environmental Impact: If you're close to a lake or other sensitive areas, you'll need to consider the environmental impact, such as where the water is going off your roof. Be prepared to provide information on this aspect.

7. Building Use Restrictions: The intended use of the building may also affect what you can build. Different uses may or may not be allowed, so clarify how you need to classify the building to obtain the necessary permits.

Building a new shop on your property is an exciting opportunity, but it comes with its share of regulations and restrictions. Remember, knowledge is power, and understanding these restrictions upfront will save you time, money, and potential headaches down the road.

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