FAQ: What does a shop package include?

Updated: Aug 21

With so many different building suppliers in the market we often get asked this question.

“What does your building package include?"

The first step after our phone calls and budget numbers is the on-site consultation. During this consultation we go over the location of your building. We look for any challenges that may come up with excavation or existing services. We discuss detailed finishes, trims and colours. Using tape measures and laser transits we mark out exactly where your building will go. We also check the grade, so we understand how much excavation or fill is required. After the consultation, we will provide you with an exact quote on the project. You will have the option of signing contracts and placing your build on the books!

The next step after the signing the contract and paying the deposit is receiving your material. The material delivery is 2-3 weeks after paying the deposit. We will have a representative on site on the day of delivery to ensure everything goes well. If the project start date is more then 2 weeks out, we will also tarp all the material to ensure it stays protected.

Excavation is when your build starts to take shape! Depending on the size of project and ground composition the excavation can take anywhere from a day to a week or more. Some customers with their own equipment or operating experience may choose to do the excavation themselves. This discussion would take place during the phone calls or onsite consultation.

Moving forward from the excavation we start the foundation. The first step in the foundation is forming footings and frost walls. We use our laser transit to set heights to ensure the top of the foundation is level. Depending on the grade of the site we may also have to form retaining walls. When the forming is complete, we order and pour the concrete. We will leave the forms on anywhere from three days to two weeks depending on the weather. During the winter, we will wrap the forms with insulated tarps to keep the heat on the concrete and ensure it cures.

We then begin the framing. Sometimes there may be a small delay between the foundation stage and the framing stage. Most buildings under 1500 square feet take less than one week to frame. Bigger projects will take longer to finish.

After the framing is complete, we begin installing the exterior cladding. Our standard buildings use metal cladding with a tough rib profile. Some of our customers choose custom finishes such as board and batten or James Hardie siding. On buildings under 1500 square feet this step will only take two or three days at most. On larger buildings this can take a week or more.

If your building has a concrete floor, we may install that before the framing or afterwards. This depends on the weather at the time of the build. If you choose the in-floor heat option, we install radiant insulation and in-floor heat lines.

For shops with the interior installation and cladding package we would then begin that stage. Insulation, vapor barrier, interior strapping and metal cladding is installed. Builds under 1500 square feet will take less than a week to complete, while bigger projects could take up to a month or more.

When all the exterior and interior cladding is complete the overhead door installation is scheduled. Depending on availability of the doors there may be a delay of two weeks to a month before the door is installed.

For our customers who choose to have electrical and/or plumbing done; we work with our electrical and plumbing contractors throughout the build to make sure our schedules mesh and there are no delays.

When the door(s) are installed, we meet on site with our customer to do a complete walk around and sign off on the completion of the building.

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