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FAQ: What does a shop package include?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

With so many different building suppliers in the market, we often get asked this question. What is our full scope of services from beginning to end?

At Farrow Built our shop package includes the following steps in order:

  • On-site consultation & estimate

  • Engineered plans and inspections

  • Materials purchase and delivery

  • Footings, foundations, and frost walls

  • Concrete Floor - Optional

  • Framing

  • Exterior Cladding

  • Overhead Doors

  • Interior installation and cladding - Optional

  • Walk around and inspection

1. On-site Consultation & Estimate

The first step after our phone calls and budget numbers is a visit to the site of your shop. We go over the location of your building and suggest optimal locations.

Walking the site allows us to see, firsthand, if there are any plumbing or electrical services that need to be marked. We look for any challenges that may come up with excavation.

We mark out exactly where your building will go using tape measures and laser transits. We also check the grade (slope of the land), to estimate how much excavation or fill is required.

Once the site is measured and assessed it’s time to discuss detailed finishes, trims, and colours. This is also when we will go over options such as concrete floors, in-floor heating, insulation, plumbing, and electrical.

All that information allows us to assemble a quote. If the quote works for you, then a contract is signed, and you are placed on our construction schedule. At this point, we ask for a deposit to get the materials ordered and work underway.

2. Material Delivery

The next step after signing the contract and paying the deposit is receiving your material. The material typically gets delivered 2-3 weeks after signing. A representative from our company will meet the driver on your property to ensure it gets placed in the correct spot.

If the project start date is more than 2 weeks out, we cover all materials with a tarp to keep them protected.

3. Foundation Pour

The first step in the foundation is forming footings and frost walls. We use laser transits to set precise heights, ensuring the top of the foundation is level.

When the forming is complete, we order and pour the concrete. The forms stay in place for anywhere between three days to two weeks. Cold weather necessitates longer curing times.

During the winter we will wrap the forms with insulated tarps to keep the heat on the concrete and ensure it cures.

Depending on the grade of the site we may also have to form taller retaining walls at this point.

4. Framing

The framing begins as soon as the concrete dries. Sometimes there may be a small delay between the foundation stage and the framing stage.

Most buildings under 1500 square feet take less than a week to frame. Bigger projects can take up to two weeks to frame.

5. Exterior Cladding

After the framing is complete, we begin installing the exterior cladding.

Our standard buildings use metal cladding with a tough rib profile. Some of our customers choose custom finishes such as board and batten or James Hardie siding. We are experienced in all siding materials and have relationships with whatever manufacturer’s product you choose.

For buildings under 1500 ft2, this step will only take 2-3 days. On larger buildings this can take a week or more.

6. Concrete Floors - Optional

If your building has a concrete floor, we may install that before the framing or afterward. This depends on the weather at the time of the build.

If you choose the in-floor heat option, we install radiant insulation and in-floor heat lines.

7. Insulation & Interior Cladding

Once the siding and floor are in place, it’s time to finish out the interior. Some people choose to leave the interior walls as-is and improve them later. But, if you have the budget, this is the best time to insulate and add interior walls.

We add vapour barriers to keep moisture out, insulation to keep warm air in, and your choice of interior cladding. We recommend metal cladding but wood or drywall are the other options.

8. Electrical & Plumbing

We partner with proven local contractors to handle electrical and plumbing. Scheduling is laid out to optimize our work windows and ensure there are no delays.

Typically, the contractors will be on the site alongside Farrow Built. Once they are familiar with the job, they move quickly. On buildings under 1,500 ft2 , they take less than a week. Bigger buildings can take up to a month.

Because some of their work happens simultaneously with our crews, there may not be much time added to the project if you choose to add these elements.

9. Overhead Doors

Once the exterior and interiors are built out, we schedule the door installation.

Because the rollup doors are made off-site, we try to schedule the delivery to have them arrive as soon as we are ready. However, depending on availability, the doors may arrive 2-4 weeks after the rest of the shop is finished.

Once the door is delivered, our contractors can usually have it up and operating within a day or two.

10. Walkaround and Inspection

As soon as the doors are operable, we meet on-site with our customer to do a complete walk-around. During the inspection, we are looking for anything that needs to be dealt with before you fully move in.

At that point, the owner signs off that everything meets or exceeds expectations, and we collect the final payment.

11. Complimentary Maintenance and 10 Year Warranty

At this point the 3 year maintenance plan will kick in. We will return once per year for the next 3 years to inspect the building for any problems that could arise.

Our buildings also come with a 10 year workmanship warranty to give you peace of mind.

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