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9 Tips for Planning Your New Mechanic Shop

Planning a mechanic shop can be a big task, but with some careful thinking, you can make sure it's perfect. Here's what you should consider:

mechanic tools

Where to Put Things: First, think about where you're going to put things. You'll need space for cars waiting to be fixed, and cars that are ready for pick-up. Don't forget about places for your tools, spare parts, and work areas. You might even want a waiting area for customers.

Car Bays: Car bays are where you'll work on vehicles. Make sure there's enough space between them so cars don't bump into each other and there's plenty of room in case of an emergency.

Storage: A good mechanic shop has smart storage solutions. You might want to use a mezzanine (a kind of indoor balcony) or a separate room to keep things neat and tidy.

mechanic tool cabinite

Workbenches and Cabinets: Think about where your workbenches and cabinets will go. They should be easy to reach but not in the way of your work.

Electrical Setup: The locations of plugs and switches are important too. Put them where they are easy to reach but out of the way of your work.

Lighting and Walls: You'll need plenty of light to do your work well. And think about your shop's walls: go for bright white metal instead of drywall. It's easy to clean and won't collect dust.

Ceiling Height: Make sure your shop has enough space above for vehicle lifts and taller vehicles. It's not just helpful for your work; it's also safer.

40'x60' shop with overhead doors and shed roof

Doors: Your shop will need big doors for vehicles to get in and out. Plan the width and height carefully based on the types of vehicles you'll be working on.

Special Areas: If you have room, think about special areas like a paint booth, wash bay, or an oil change bay. These extras can make your shop stand out and provide better service.

Keep these ideas in mind when you're planning your mechanic shop, and you'll end up with a place that works well for you and is safe and comfortable for everyone.

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