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Pole Barn vs Stick Built

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Depending on the type of building you are looking at whether it will be for a rural property or commercial purposes, will determine whether a Pole Barn or Stick Build is the right option for you.

Pole Barn

Pole Barns offers a wide range of custom designs. Simple, practical, sturdy, versatile and cost effective are all great benefits of a Pole Barn. Changes in design can be made along the way for a custom building.

Roof trusses are secured directly to the foundation posts which allows clear spans up to 120 feet. Most pole barn builds make use of metal panelled roofing and siding. Pole Barn construction has no need for interior load bearing walls. This contributes to the post frame characteristics of opened interior spaces.

Posts are installed at least four feet into the ground and positioned every four to eight feet, depending on the design of the build. Using a pilling foundation instead of a continuous frost wall foundation creates a faster build, less materials, less labour and minimal excavation. This option is usually less expensive because there is less cost than doing a continuous foundation.

Whether you are looking to build for agriculture purposes or looking for extra storge, this is a great option for storage buildings, hay sheds, open-sided buildings, but can also be turned into a fully insulated shop.

Stick Built

Stick Built is commonly associated with home building. This is a great option if you are doing more traditional siding instead of metal cladding.

Customized residential or commercial buildings are created with continuous concrete walls for support. This is a better option if you are doing lots of shelving, cabinets or something that will be attaching to the walls inside. Studs are located every sixteen inches to two feet apart.

This is also a great option for a site with a slope to it because the foundation could be used as a retaining wall. This is a great cost-effective bonus.

Building on top of a continuous frost wall foundation will make your building less susceptible to mice or small rodents getting in. Stick built will also give you a wide range of custom designs.

If you are wanting to design a custom built structure, it's best to work with a knowledgeable, experienced contractor that you can trust.

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