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Greater Vernon Trades business of the year 2023

Repairs, Renovations and Maintenance

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Building Repairs, Renovations, and Maintenance

Whether it's an outbuilding, pole barn, or any other structure on your property, ensuring that it is well-maintained and in good repair is crucial. At Farrow Built, we understand the importance of having safe, secure, and reliable buildings. Our repair, renovation, and maintenance services are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your structures are in top shape and not on the verge of collapse. Read more...


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Quick Start Times

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High Performance Team

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Premium Build Quality

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Consistent Communication

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About Us

Farrow Built started in 2017 when Duncan and Luke decided to start their own business. We started out taking any job we could find, which took us from Vancouver to Squamish, and eventually to the Okanagan. We worked on condos, multifamily units, and houses before realizing our true passion was in building barns. So, we made the switch to focus only on that and haven’t looked back since.

One big thing that drives us is creating jobs for local people. We want folks to see construction as a respectable career where you can make a good living and enjoy your work. We're also on a mission to change the bad reputation of contractors. We hear all the horror stories about poor communication and unfinished jobs, and we want to do things differently—be reliable, communicate well, and deliver quality work.

What We Do

We build post-frame and stud wall buildings, including:

  • Personal shops

  • Commercial shops

  • Dairy, chicken, horse, and cow barns

  • Riding arenas and other equestrian facilities

  • Garages in town and on acreages

Our post-frame buildings are easy to insulate, solid, and go up fast.


Our Achievements

Some of our proud moments include setting up our office in Enderby and winning the Trade Business of the Year Business Excellence Award in Vernon. Duncan also received the Community Builder Award from Breakthrough Academy Coaching.

Looking ahead, we want to keep exceeding customer expectations, speed up our building process, and improve our training systems to ensure high-quality work.

Read More

One of the primary reasons to repair or renovate your buildings is to prevent structural issues that could lead to serious problems. From leaks that can cause rot to weaknesses that could result in collapse, keeping your buildings well-maintained is essential for your peace of mind. Knowing that your structures are solid and secure helps you sleep better at night, free from the worry of unexpected damage.

Maintaining your buildings is also crucial for liability protection. If a building were to collapse and damage someone else’s property or cause injury, it could lead to significant legal and financial issues. Regular repairs and renovations ensure that your buildings remain safe and reduce the risk of accidents, protecting you from potential liabilities.

A well-maintained building is not only safer but also more likely to be insurable. Insurance companies often look at the condition of buildings when determining coverage and rates. By keeping your structures in good repair, you improve your chances of obtaining insurance and may even qualify for better rates. Additionally, well-maintained buildings retain their value better, making them a smarter investment in the long run.

At Farrow Built, we take pride in delivering top-quality repair, renovation, and maintenance services. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to ensuring your buildings are in the best possible condition. We use high-quality materials and proven techniques to address any issues and enhance the durability of your structures.

Our services include:

  • Structural repairs to prevent collapses and ensure stability

  • Fixing leaks and addressing rot to maintain integrity

  • Renovations to modernize and improve efficiency

  • Regular maintenance to keep your buildings in top shape


"The crew of men working at our property were very hard working and often stayed late to get the job done. The sight was always left tidy and organized. The build was done in a timely manner from start to finish."

Erin Barton

"Very professional, skilled, and communicative. Even after completing our building, Duncan has followed up to ensure all is well. Highly recommended."

Glen Zachary

"Provided an organized work crew, keeping to a disciplined schedule creating the now completed project."

Bonnie Hardy

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