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3 Ways to Customize Your Aircraft Hangar

When it comes to aircraft hangars, customizable solutions can set yours apart from the rest. The ability to tailor your hangar to your specific needs can significantly enhance your experience, whether you're a pilot, an aircraft mechanic, or an aviation enthusiast. In this guide, we'll explore four fantastic customization options that can transform your aircraft hangar into a functional, efficient, and comfortable space. These options include adding mezzanines, lean-tos, interior rooms, and multiple doors.

mezzanine in a shop with bright white interior cladding

1. Elevate Your Space with Mezzanines

The first customization option to consider is the addition of a mezzanine. This elevated platform can serve multiple purposes. For instance, it can be used as a storage area, keeping your hangar floor clear and organized. Alternatively, it can be transformed into a pilot's lounge or a small living area, providing a comfortable space for relaxation and rest during those long hours at the hangar.

rendering of a 30'x50' aircraft hangar with a lean-to

2. Expand Your Storage with Lean-Tos

Lean-tos are an excellent way to increase your outdoor storage space. These structures can be used to store aircraft parts or other non-aircraft related items. You can opt for a fully enclosed lean-to for items that need protection from the elements, or an open lean-to for items that don't require such protection. By adding a lean-to, you can declutter your main hangar area and keep everything organized.

3. Add Functionality with Interior Rooms

The third customization option involves adding interior rooms to your hangar. These rooms can be built on a mezzanine, creating a living area or a pilot's lounge. Alternatively, they can be used as bathrooms, storage rooms, or tool rooms. Interior rooms provide a controlled environment for storing sensitive items or parts that you wouldn't want to store outside or clutter up your hangar with. They're a great way to add more storage and functionality to your hangar.

40'x60' shop with 2 overhead doors

Bonus: Enhance Accessibility with Multiple Doors

Last but not least, consider adding multiple doors to your hangar. Of course, you'll need a large door at the front for your aircraft, whether that's a bi-fold door or a fin door. However, depending on your hangar's location and design, you might also have the option of adding another large door at the back. This allows for full pull-through access, making it easier to move your aircraft in and out. If full pull-through access isn't necessary for your operations, you can add smaller overhead doors on the sides or the back. Depending on your hangar's size, you could even add a smaller overhead door at the front. These doors can be used to bring in ATVs, vehicles, or to unload trucks, providing more flexibility and convenience.

In conclusion, customizing your aircraft hangar can significantly enhance its functionality and efficiency. Whether you're adding a mezzanine for extra storage or a lounge, a lean-to for outdoor storage, interior rooms for added functionality, or multiple doors for improved accessibility, each option brings its unique benefits. Remember, the goal is to create a hangar that suits your specific needs and preferences. So, don't be afraid to think outside the box and make your hangar truly your own.

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