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3 Ways To Add Storage Space to Your Shop

In today's world, space is a prized asset. Especially for businesses with workshops or mechanic shops, having enough room to store various items, equipment, and supplies is critical for efficient operation. If you're finding yourself running out of room, here are three effective ways to add storage space to your shop.

mezzanine in an existing building

1. Construct a Mezzanine

A mezzanine is the easiest and most straightforward way to add space to your shop, especially if it has a high ceiling. This intermediate floor can be installed in any existing building without disrupting its fundamental structure.

The use of vertical space allows you to free up the ground-level area for your main operations, while storing seasonal items, spare parts, and infrequently used things up above. The height of the mezzanine also offers a certain degree of protection, as it keeps items out of the way, reducing the risk of accidental damage.

small storage garage with lean-to

2. Add a Lean-to

A lean-to is an excellent option if you're looking to extend your storage space externally. Attached to the side of an existing building, a lean-to is a covered area open on one side.

This storage solution is ideal for storing bulky supplies, equipment, hay, vehicles, or even housing livestock if you're into farming. Its open nature allows for easy access, making it a perfect spot for items that need to be moved in and out frequently.

interior room in a shop

3. Build an Additional Room

Finally, if you need a separate, controlled environment for storage, consider building an additional room. This could be constructed inside the shop or as an external extension, depending on your space and requirements.

A dedicated room offers climate control, making it a suitable choice for storing items that need specific temperature or humidity conditions. For instance, if you have a paint booth, sanding booth, or if you need a space for storing sensitive parts, an extra room would be ideal.

Additionally, it provides a space that can be tailored to a specific use, such as an office, a "man cave," or even a boardroom or craft room. It allows you to keep items neatly organized and separated from the hustle and bustle of the main workshop.

In conclusion, adding a mezzanine, a lean-to, or an extra room are effective strategies to increase storage space in your shop. By choosing the option that best fits your needs, you can maintain a well-organized, clutter-free, and efficient workspace.

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