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How to Replace Rotten Posts on an Old Pole Barn

replacing rotten post on a 40 year old riding arena at Spirit Ridge Equestrian Centre

Equipment Needed:

  1. One or two telehandlers.

  2. A skidsteer.

  3. A man lift or genie lift.

  4. Mini hoe.

  5. Jumping jack packer

  6. 1000lb plate packer

Techno Metal Post installing screw piles in kelowna

Contractors Needed:

  1. Engineer

  2. Screw pile installer (Often includes engineering services, eliminating the need for a separate engineer)

  3. We recommend hiring a skilled contractor for the process but it isn't required.

two telehandlers unloading timbers from a shepherds home hardware truck

Step 1: Schedule Equipment Delivery

Begin your project by scheduling the delivery of your equipment. Ensure the telehandlers, skidsteer, man lift or genie lift, and mini hoe are ready on site when you start your work.

zoom boom unloading 8x8 posts from a shepherds home hardware delivery truck

Step 2: Schedule New Post Delivery

Place your order for the new post material you'll be using to replace the rotten posts.

techno metal post installing a screw pile on a pole barn post replacement job

Step 3: Schedule Screw Pile Installer

Next, schedule a screw pile installer. If you're located in the Okanagan, we highly recommend Techno Metal Post in Kelowna.

telehandlers supporting beams while rotten posts are being replaced

Step 4: Determine the Starting Location

Identify the easiest posts to start with. Starting with the easier posts allows you to develop an efficient system, expediting the overall process.

inside view of a post replacement project on a riding arena in Kelowna BC

Step 5: Measure the Roof Beam Height

Set up a rotary laser to accurately measure the current height of the roof beam. If the beam is sagging, try to measure this in an area where it isn't sagging, or determine the height you want to set the new posts to.

posts being replaced on a riding arena

Step 6: Secure the Beam

Use a telehandler to hold up the beam while you remove one or two posts.

removing the old concrete foundation

Step 7: Remove the Existing Foundation

With a mini hoe, telehandler, or skidsteer, remove the existing foundation.

backfilling and compacting

Step 8: Backfill and Compact

Backfill the cavity left by the removed post and old foundation, then compact it well.

techno metal post installing a helical pile

Step 9: Install Engineered Screw Piles

Now, it's time to install the engineered screw piles.

welding a post saddle to a screw pile

Step 10: Attach the Post Saddle

Weld the post saddle to the screw pile.

cutting timbers

Step 11: Prepare the Post

Cut and notch the new post, making it ready for installation.

telehandler supporting a beam while a new post is being installed on an old riding arena

Step 12: Adjust the Beam Height

Using the telehandler, lift the beam so it is slightly above the final required height.

new post on an old arena

Step 13: Install the New Post

Tilt up the new post and lift it into the saddle. It may be helpful to fabricate a special post lifting tool for this step.

posts set just above grade

Step 14: Fasten the Post

Fasten the new post to the saddle and the beam using GRK structural screws or through bolts.

old rotten posts that need to be replaced

Step 15: Repeat for Each Post

Follow this process for each post that needs replacing.

With these steps, you can confidently embark on the process of replacing rotten posts on your pole barn. Remember to prioritize safety at all times during this project and don't hesitate to seek professional advice if needed.

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