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Building a Woodworking Shop? Here are Some of the Best Features You Should Include

Creating your dream woodworking shop is a venture filled with excitement. Here are some of the best woodworking shop features you may want to include.

storage garage

Here's a guide to ensure you have everything you need for your woodworking expedition.

Let's begin with the electrical system - this isn't just about having a place to plug in your phone charger. You'll want plenty of electrical supply and room in the panel for future expansion. Are you feeling like a high roller? Consider 3-phase if you can afford some heavy-duty machinery.

large storage building

Don't forget the importance of space - and we're not talking about the final frontier. High sidewalls, open bays, and an abundance of windows up high are crucial. This isn't just for aesthetic purposes; it will give your shop an open, well-lit feel and prevent you from feeling like a hobbit in a hole.

Dust collection is next - and this isn't just your ordinary spring cleaning. Consider a system that sits outside and dumps into a trailer, which you can simply drive away when it fills up. It's a bit like magic, just without the wand and robes.

pile of lumber

Storage racks, industrial style, are a must. You can forklift your pallets of wood up into the air, freeing up valuable floor space for, well, more wood. And let's face it - seeing your wood collection hoisted up high gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Now, we move on to the fun stuff. Sound system already wired up so you can hear your favorite tunes across the room? Check. A spray booth? Check. Compressor with automatic everything, filters, and overhead piping with drops for your air tools? Check, check, and check.

cozy man cave

Don't forget about the quality workbench, assembly tables, and a roomy area for a wide belt sander. You'll also want cabinetry, multiple saws for various tasks, a first aid station, and fire extinguishers (safety first!).

And last, but definitely not least, make room for the little luxuries. A coffee pot, radio, big screen TV, an office area with a couch, bathroom, and various amenities for the ultimate hideout. Trust me, it's worth it.

Oh, and one final piece of advice - make it twice as big as you think you'll need. You can thank me later.

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